Photographic commission from the City of Mulhouse (Eastern France), on its rivers and canals, supported by the Mulhouse Biennial of Photography.

"In order to take her photographs during the spring of 2019, photographer Céline Clanet explored the Mulhouse rivers and immersed herself in a fine observation of the aquatic life and the ecosystem along the Ill, the Doller, from the New Basin or from the Rhône to the Rhine canal.

Her photographs paint an unexpected portrait of the flora and fauna, right in the heart of the city. Photographs show an urban bestiary composed of nutria, swans, moorhens, turtles, as well as many species of birds. One feels wonder at the appearance of nature in the city and at the multiple appearances of water, showing in turn its bubbling, its shiny surfaces."

Anne Immelé
Curator and Director of Mulhouse Biennal of Photography